Wednesday 15 July 2015

A Beaten Earth Floor

Image: Torre Abbey c 1900 (from the Cary collection, 1900-1930, courtesy Torre Abbey)

Wednesday 8 July 2015

late 14c., "liable to change," from Latin mutabilis "changeable," from mutare "to change," from PIE root *mei- "to change, go, move" (cf. Sanskrit methati "changes, alternates, joins, meets;" Avestan mitho "perverted, false;" Hittite mutai- "be changed into;" Latin meare "to go, pass," migrare "to move from one place to another;" Old Church Slavonic mite "alternately;" Czech mijim "to go by, pass by," Polish mijańá "avoid;" Gothic maidjan "to change"); with derivatives referring to the exchange of goods and services as regulated by custom or law (cf. Latin mutuus "done in exchange," munus "service performed for the community, duty, work").
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Monday 8 June 2015

The Breach

Image: 'How Artists Work' Corridor, Torre Abbey, 3 photographs, documentation for HLF bid Phase l c2004/5
Sound: Recorded in the Learning Lab, May 2015

Monday 1 June 2015



the state or fact of lasting only for a short time; transitoriness
"the transience of life and happiness"
synonims: temporariness, transitoriness, impermanence, brevity, briefness, shortness, ephemerality, short-livedness, momentariness, mutability, instability, volatility; literary evanescence; rare caducity, fugitiveness

"the transience of life on earth"

[Google search: 'transience']

Image: Interior, Torre Abbey, documentation for HLF bid Phase 1 c.2004/5, mobile phone photograph of monitor screen
Sound: recorded Torre Abbey, February 2015

Saturday 30 May 2015


"A common language that conveys the complex reality of current social and cultural values–ethical, aesthetic, scientific and technological–remains a constant concern for those in charge of transmitting a message to society, particularly in the field of museology."

from 'Key Concepts of Museology'  The World Museum Community

Tuesday 7 April 2015